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Deconstructing competitive commitments

In the human psyche, competitive commitments occur when the individual is having difficulty committing due to their commitment being in two or more directions at the same time. These commitments are competing due to the reality they are in direct opposition to one another (i.e., freedom versus security). In most cases, the competing commitment is […]

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  • teletherapy

    Teletherapy tips

    The National Psychologist talked with psychologists across the country about how they’re managing to operate their practices using teletherapy during the pandemic. Here are some of their suggestions for other practitioners. Talk regularly to other colleagues about the challenges of this “new normal.” Find a teletherapy platform that’s simple, efficient, compliant and has few glitches. […]

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  • Access to care during COVID 19

    How to ethically increase access to care during COVID-19

    COVID-19 is an unprecedented public health crisis with both mental-health and financial impacts. Psychologists’ skill sets are critically important in meeting the challenges of the present moment. Yet many clients are losing financial security (job loss, reduced hours due to furloughs, changes in insurance benefits) while potentially relying on mental-health treatment more than ever. Being […]

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  • confidentiality in integrated healthcare

    ‘Please don’t tell my surgeon’: Managing privacy, confidentiality in integrated healthcare settings

    Integrated care settings are treatment settings in which a psychologist is embedded on an interdisciplinary and/or medical team. Examples include primary care, intensive care units and specialty medical clinics (e.g., oncology, chronic pain). Psychologists increasingly work in integrated care settings (APA Council of Representatives, 2016). Interdisciplinary settings present unique ethical dilemmas for psychologists (e.g., Kerkhoff […]

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