John Roraback, Innovator Of PsyUSA Network, Dies In Moline, IL At Age 51

By Henry Saeman, Editor
September 1, 1999 - Last updated: May 31, 2011

The man who introduced thousands of psychologists to psychology on the internet via PsyUSA died suddenly on Aug. 17.

John M. Roraback, Ph.D., who was 51 years old, was struck by a massive heart attack over coffee at the breakfast table in his Moline, IL home. His wife, Nancy, whom he had married only recently, was with him. Relatives reported that John’s father similarly died of a massive heart attack at the breakfast table a number of years ago. Roraback is survived by two adult children, Simon and Amy.

Roraback spent countless hours developing the psychology internet which has grown immensely during the past four years. His reward was satisfaction for the work he did. Remuneration? The National Psychologist reported last year that Roraback never received a dime.

That same article, captioned “If you like the Internet, you’ll love John Roraback,” reported that he would spend two to three early morning hours on the Internet and World Wide Web searching for information he thought would interest other psychologists. He repeated this pattern in the evening after his practice work, averaging 40 volunteer hours a week.

He was convinced the Internet and WWW are the future, terming them “the most important technological advances since the invention of the printing press and movable type.”

Roraback received his degree at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. He was an enormously popular person, noted by an outpouring of accolades on PsyUSA when he died.

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