The Future Economics of Practice

By Nat'l Psychologist Editor
March 26, 2012

I have been writing for some time about the changing demo- graphics in America and how they will affect a doctor of psychology’s education, practice and personal financial planning.

Soon Spanish will be the predominant language in Texas with 42 percent of the state’s population using it as the primary language, and the Hispanic group is rapidly expanding. Similar trends are occurring in Arizona, California, and New Mexico (

I have been pointing out for years that poverty is also a major problem for the future psychologist, but especially in the emerging future of practice and for those practicing in certain parts of this country. In most states one in four to one in three individuals will live below the 139 percent of poverty level (about $19,000 per year for a family of three), which is the 2014 level for mandatory state minimum qualifications for coverage in Medicaid (without the current categorical limits) in order to get health care.

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