State Updates

By Nat'l Psychologist Editor
September 12, 2012

Massachusetts – The state has opened a 320-bed mental health facility in Worcester, the first to be built in the state since the 1950s. The Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital will let patients be active in activities and programs on a campus resembling
home and neighborhood environments.

California – State lawmakers have requested an audit of the spending of mental health funds from a 2004 ballot initiative following an investigation by the Associated Press showing that tens of millions of dollars raised under Proposition 63 have been spent on programs such as yoga, gardening, art classes and horseback riding for persons with no mental illness diagnosis.

Virginia – A Virginia mental health facility has dropped out of a plan to allow presidential assailant John Hinckley Jr. to participate in social group sessions. CNN reported that filings in a federal court reveal that Colonial Behavioral Health’s People’s Place in Williamsburg, Va., has withdrawn from a plan to participate in Hinckley’s treatment. Prosecutors are asking the court to reject plans to allow longer visits away from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., for the man who shot President Ronald Reagan, his press secretary James Brady, a secret service agent and a police officer. Brady was permanently disabled by a head wound and has been used as an example of the need for gun control.

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