Teletherapy tips

Teletherapy tips

By National Psychologist Staff
July 28, 2020 - Last updated: July 27, 2020

The National Psychologist talked with psychologists across the country about how they’re managing to operate their practices using teletherapy during the pandemic. Here are some of their suggestions for other practitioners.

Talk regularly to other colleagues about the challenges of this “new normal.”
Find a teletherapy platform that’s simple, efficient, compliant and has few glitches.
Invest in a comfortable chair to use for sessions.
Create a comfortable environment for yourself for sessions.
Have well-written consent agreements for patients.
Have a backup plan in case you have technology issues.
Keep the same “frame” for each individual’s session each time and try to have it align with the frame you used in your office. Sit in the same place and maintain the same appointment time, if possible.
Hide your own video from your view if that’s helpful to you.
Lean on state and national psychological associations for free help.
Get additional teletherapy training as needed.
Make sure your video screen doesn’t face your door.
Don’t panic; give yourself time to feel comfortable using teletherapy.

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