Question & Answer Brochures About ADHD

By Nat'l Psychologist Editor
February 25, 2018


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More than 500,000 individual brochures have been sold since 1977. These brightly colored brochures, written in layman’s terms, are ideal for waiting rooms or reception areas. They are great for patient intake packets. They provide clients and potential clients with easy-to-read information about these areas of mental health practice.

Questions & Answers about ADHD (green)

This brochure is the newest in the series. It answers diagnostic and treatment questions including:

  • “Is there more than one kind of ADHD?”
  • “How is ADHD diagnosed?”
  • “Is medication safe and effective?”

It also addresses questions about living with ADHD such as:

  • “How does ADHD affect school and work?”
  • “How does ADHD affect friendships and other relationships?”

Several resources for patients or parents are given as well.

Sold in prepackaged bundles of 100. Order more than 1 package at a time for quantity discounts.

Samples available for .25 each plus SASE with .64 postage.
(Limit one sample of each brochure.)

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