Question & Answer Brochures About Clinical Psychologists


More than 500,000 individual brochures have been sold since 1977. These brightly colored brochures, written in layman’s terms, are ideal for waiting rooms or reception areas. They are great for patient intake packets. They provide clients and potential clients with easy-to-read information about these areas of mental health practice.

Questions & Answers about Clinical Psychologists & Psychological Healthcare (blue)

This best selling brochure answers many questions that new or existing patients/clients may have about clinical psychologists or psychological health care. A few questions answered in this brochure include:

  • “What is a clinical psychologist?”
  • “What kind of treatment will I receive?”
  • ” How much does psychological treatment cost?”
  • “What is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist? … and others.

Sold in prepackaged bundles of 100. Order more than 1 package at a time for quantity discounts.

Samples available for .25 each plus SASE with .64 postage.
(Limit one sample of each brochure.)

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Weight 16 oz

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